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Understand customers with CSAT surveys

Get contextual feedback about your customer satisfaction with multichannel surveys. Make data-driven decisions. Design a product suited to user needs so well that they can’t stop using it.
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Measure CSAT across user journey

  • 10-day free trial of paid features
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Improve user experience with CSAT surveys

  • Target surveys to gauge customer satisfaction across the customer journey
  • Measure the quality of your customer service to provide a frictionless experience
  • Follow up with unsatisfied customers immediately to reduce churn
  • Run regular CSAT surveys and measure the impact of product changes
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Monitor trends with CSAT surveys

  • Automate recurring surveys once and collect insights forever
  • Integrate surveys with your tool stack to trigger follow-up actions in real time
  • Receive a constant stream of new insights to effectively plan your roadmap
  • Analyze full and partial insights in real time by applying advanced filters
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Engage more users to answer CSAT surveys

  • Run multichannel surveys to ensure the consistent customer experience
  • Add CSAT survey to email message so users can quickly submit a rating
  • Collect more responses by timing the CSAT survey perfectly with advanced targeting
  • Optimize the CSAT survey experience with follow-up questions, survey logic and translations
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Close feedback loop with CSAT software in 3 steps

Step 1: Quickly create CSAT surveys

  • Start from a CSAT survey template. Or build your CSAT survey from scratch
  • Apply branded colors, logo and custom CSS to your CSAT survey
  • Target your CSAT survey on user attributes and triggered actions

Step 2: Analyze customer satisfaction insights

  • Get an overview of your customer satisfaction over time. Download PDF and PNG graphs for all CSAT results
  • See the most common topics mentioned in the CSAT survey on the automatically generated word cloud
  • Filter your CSAT survey data based on questions, date, custom properties and more

Step 3: Act to improve your CSAT rating

  • Send CSAT scores and comments to customer profiles. Use segmentation to win back unsatisfied customers
  • Increase your ratings on G2, Capterra, AppStore and others by offering all happy customers incentives for a review
  • Send feature requests to Productboard, Mixpanel and Amplitude. Improve your CSAT metric by releasing relevant new features
“We started running surveys with Survicate within minutes and within budget, what a great value for money! In the past we needed multiple apps to get customer feedback. Now we have all we need with a single subscription.”
Luke Deka
Full Stack Developer at CrewScale
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Luke Deka
CEO and Founder at Growbots

Connect Customer Satisfaction
feedback with your toolstack

Automate CSAT surveys and follow-up actions

  • Send CSAT surveys after the Support ticket is closed
  • Trigger follow-up email to the respondent once the answer is submitted
  • Filter survey responses by data from your CRM

Optimize user journey

  • Combine feedback with product session recordings
  • Filter sessions by survey responses to understand user journey insights
  • Determine where and why users encounter friction by combining feedback with user sessions

Discuss CSAT insights with the team

  • Discuss CSAT insights with the team
  • Discuss new ideas based on user feedback from web user experience form
  • Share survey results with the team on Google Sheets updated in real-time

Send CSAT survey responses to any tools you use

  • Set custom automation with Zapier integration
  • Send automatically triggered notifications whenever respondents interact with your surveys
  • Build custom integrations with your CRM, database or in-house solutions

Analyze product feedback faster

  • Send feature requests from CSAT surveys to Productboard as notes
  • Analyze the feedback in Productboard and identify low-hanging fruits
  • Blend CSAT survey responses with your other data sources in Productboard, Amplitude or Mixpanel
“I love how the Survicate & Slack integration helps my team receive CSAT and NPS responses in real time and follow up immediately if needed. These responses are fed directly from the integration Survicate has with Zendesk!”
Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell
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Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell

Optimize user journey with CSAT surveys

Gain invaluable insights into customer satisfaction and enhance your business performance. By deploying CSAT surveys, you can collect feedback directly from users by asking one simple question: ‘How satisfied are you with your experience?’. Target surveys across the user journey to optimize the whole experience.
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