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Put user feedback
to great use
  • Run surveys to improve product usability, test new concepts and monitor user satisfaction
  • Collect product feedback and feature requests to meet your users' needs
  • Use customer feedback to boost motivation and sense of purpose in the product team
  • Use insights from users to convince stakeholders that you’re taking the product in the right direction
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Put user feedback to great use
att-next-arrowSurvey the right users at the right time with web survey targeting
Survey the right users at the right time
  • Collect product feedback on your website, in-app, email, or via other digital channels – any way you like
  • Survey all or specific users – target surveys depending on respondents’ attributes, visit depth, and more
  • Always ask the right questions – create unique survey logic based on respondents' previous answers
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Feedback Hub - track all customer feedback
  • Capture feedback from your everyday conversations in Intercom and other channels
  • Automatically collect and organize all your user insights in one place
  • Improve team communication, product research, and bring attention to user requests
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att-next-arrowFeedback Hub - track all customer feedback in one place
att-next-arrowIntegrate your favorite product tools
Integrate your favorite product tools
  • Send contextual user feedback directly to Mixpanel, Amplitude, or Productboard
  • Update customer profiles in platforms such as Intercom, HubSpot, and Salesforce
  • Set automatic notifications via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams about incoming survey responses
  • Filter survey responses by date, scores or apply advanced filters and custom attributes
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“Survicate helps us get valuable user feedback. We can easily understand user needs through in-app surveys and deliver NPS through email. Now we make better choices in product development!”
Tulio Monte Azul
Co-founder / Head of Product at Agendor

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